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Our staff is trained in PetTech Pet CPR & First Aid... Now you can be too!

We are proud to offer courses in Pet First Aid & CPR, Hiking and Walking, and Pet Saver! 

Every day our dogs and cats are capable of finding themselves in life-threatening situations. Sometimes there is nothing we can do to help them. But, if we are properly trained in CPR, Pet First Aid & Pet Care, we will know exactly what to do and how to help them, instead of standing by and watching in desperation. We won’t even hesitate, because we will do our job with confidence. Obviously, in our business, we are more exposed to all of these possibilities and that is why it 

became so important to me to become an instructor. I can assure you that between the pet experiences that I have had throughout my life and through my business, as well as the extensive training I have completed through Pet Tech, both as a student and as an Instructor, combined with my compassion, sense of humor and strong determination, you are going to leave my class well-equipped to handle any pet situation that comes your way. You might even choose to become an instructor yourself!


So, give me a call and sign up for one of the scheduled classes. You will be so glad you did and you will have lots of fun learning! And, yes, your pets will be glad you did this for them, too!

                                                                                                                 ~Maria Nolan

     Pet Tech Instructor #2189



Pet First Aid & CPR:  

Students in the Pet First Aid & CPR class learn how to handle life-threatening situations they they may find

their pets in. Topics ranging from bleeding to rescue breathing are taught in a hands-on learning environment.  

Students leave class with a two year certificate and a 40-page handbook. Classes offered year-round.

Cost: $125


Hiking and Walking: 

This two hour class is packed with all the information you need to have safe and successful hiking trips with

your four legged friends! Students will learn basic emergency necessities and handling a variety of pet

emergencies, including: insect bites, broken bones, allergic reactions and snake bites.

Classes offered based on demand. Cost: $75

Pet Saver:

Students in the PetSaver class learn all of First Aid & CPR with lots more additions! Students are taught

safety and prevention tips, caring for senior pets, dental hygiene, Snout-to-Tail Assessments and a ton more!

Students leave class with a two year certificate. Classes offered year-round. $200

Upcoming Class Dates:

Pet First Aid & CPR: July 13 @ 7:30 a.m.  ​


All classes held at The Ruff House Stay & Play at Greenbrier. 

Feel free to call us at 757-251-0699 or email Maria at if you have questions.  


Thanks for investing in your pet's safety and choosing The Ruff House Stay & Play for your learning and certification!

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